Frequently Asked Questions

How does insurance work and what does it cover?

When RV rentals are booked through Good Sam, owners automatically receive automobile liability coverage up to $1 million during the rental period. This policy covers physical damage to the exterior of your RV due to covered accidents. Any interior damage that occurs during a booking is not covered under the insurance and will be charged from the renter’s security deposit. Normal wear and tear, maintenance, personal affects, and mechanical issues are excluded. Renters select coverage during rental bookings, but their choice will not affect the owner's protection.

When does insurance coverage begin and end?

Coverage begins during the rental period. The rental period is defined as the point when the keys are exchanged with the renter until it is returned to the owner’s control.

What insurance packages are offered to renters?

Renters are required to pick from one of three insurance options (Good, Better, Best) with varying costs, deductibles, and coverage. Their choice does not affect the owner's protection.

Does a renter need personal insurance?

If the renter is renting a towable RV, the renter will need personal auto insurance that is applicable to the tow vehicle, which is not covered by our policy.  The renter is also responsible for their own personal affects.

Does an owner need personal insurance?

Personal insurance carried by the owner will be excess to the insurance provided by Good Sam during the rental period. It is required that RV Owners have their RV unit insured in order to meet state registration guidelines and to protect themselves at times the RV is not rented on The owner's personal items are subject to a preset security deposit.

Are there requirements to rent an RV?

Renters are required to be at least 25 years of age and pass our verification process. This process includes ID verification, driving history check, credit card authorization and/or payment, and satisfy other risk factors.

What should I do if my RV is damaged during the rental period?

Owners must notify Good Sam RV Rentals as soon as possible.  Be sure to capture photos, details, and police reports to help expedite the claims process. Email any photos and reports, along with the completed and signed rental forms to [email protected].

What documents are needed to file a claim?

When a claim needs to be filed you will need to provide photos of the damage, the completed and signed rental forms, any information exchanged at the scene (information about the other vehicle/party if applicable), and law enforcement reports or details. 

What happens after a claim is filed?

After our support team has been informed of a claim, they will be in touch with both the owner and renter to ensure we have all necessary details. Both parties will be contacted by an insurance adjuster, if necessary.

What happens in the event of a total loss?

In general, the value of the RV and any potential salvage value will be estimated by the insurance company.  The owner or lienholder, if applicable, will be given the option to keep the totaled vehicle with the estimated salvage value reducing the payout amount.

If my RV undergoes insurance repairs, am I covered for lost trip revenue or other lost use of the vehicle?

No, loss of use is not covered by our insurance.

What if damage is discovered after the renter returns the unit?

We understand that sometimes returns can happen at night when a detailed inspection isn't possible. Owners should be sure to do a thorough inspection; take photos and document the RV's condition as soon as possible after the end of a rental. You should report any damage to us at [email protected] within 24 hours of the end of a trip. 

What about mechanical damage I believe was caused by a renter?

Mechanical breakdowns, normal wear and tear, and maintenance are not covered by Good Sam RV Rentals or our insurance.  Notify us at [email protected] within 24 hours in order to hold a security deposit while the matter is investigated. 

Can a renter tow additional vehicles or other items behind my RV?

No, renters cannot tow anything behind a rented RV.