Good Sam RV Rental Forms

​​These rental forms will be used before and after a rental booking. It's important for owners and renters to complete these forms together to protect both parties in the event of a disagreement.


What owners need to know before handing over the keys to their RV:

Pre-Trip Walkthrough

  • When showing your renter around your RV, it’s important to be as thorough as possible with the operation of all systems and where things are located. We recommend labeling basic functions in your RV, such as slide switches or fuel type.
  • Be sure to record any existing damage before the renter leaves for their trip. It's also a good idea to take pre-trip photos, just in case damage occurs.
  • We encourage all our owners to create a user guide for their renters that is specific to their RV. This guide should be kept in the RV while it’s being rented. Having information available to the renter can help to cut down on operation errors and calls to you.
  • Check to make sure the renter's license is valid for the entirety of the trip and that the name on the license is the name on the rental agreement.
  • It's important to provide the renter with a copy of the forms during their trip, as they contain the roadside assistance and insurance information that they may need during their booking.

Post-Trip Inspection

  • When your renter returns from their vacation, be sure to do another walkthrough of your RV. Be thorough in looking for any damage and be sure to record any differences on your form. Document the damages through photos and videos for your records and insurance purposes. Report any damage, including photos, to [email protected] as soon as possible.
  • Any overage fees or penalty add-on fees will be recorded on the website under the rental details of that trip, found on the My Rentals page.
  • Report any issue with these fees or charges to [email protected] as soon as you can. Please include copies of the signed rental forms.
  • Please be sure that everything is recorded and correct before signing the rental forms at the end of a trip. Make sure both your copy and the renter's copy are signed and contain the same information.
  • The system will automatically close the trip at midnight on the scheduled date of return.

What renters need to know before accepting the keys to an RV:

  • The pick-up location and time is set between you and the owner. Please present your driver's license to the owner at arrival. Your license must be valid for the entirety of the trip and you must be the person on the rental agreement.
  • Be sure to have a copy of the rental forms with you while on your trip. The insurance policy information as well as the roadside assistance information is housed on these forms.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure any existing damage is documented properly before the trip starts, i.e. photos and rental forms. Once you take posession of the keys, you are agreeing that everything is satisfactory with the RV.
  • In the event of an minor issue or questions regarding the RV, please contact the owner ASAP. They will untimately be the one that will make decisions about how to move forward.
  • In the case of an accident, please move to a safe location if possible and contact the police immediately. If need be, please contact roadside assistance and inform the owner as soon as possible. Email any information along with photos to [email protected] so we can start processing the claim.
  • Please be sure that everything is recorded and correct before signing the rental forms at the end of a trip. Make sure both your copy and the owner's copy are signed and contain the same information.
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