Florida Caverns State Park, Florida

Everything the RV Renter Needs to Know

If you’re renting an RV in Florida, the Florida Caverns State Park is a must. This is the only park in Florida with air-filled (as opposed to underwater) caves accessible to the general public. These limestone caves have all the hallmarks you’d expect in stalagmites, stalactites, and flow stones, but have the added bonus of being in Florida.

Florida Caverns State Park is perfect for RVers too. Not only are there campgrounds with full hookups but also lots of recreational activities in and around the park, plus good food and plenty of sights. If you’re planning to vacation in or around Florida Caverns State Park in your RV, here are a few perfectly good reasons to do so.

Why Visit Florida Caverns State Park in Your Rented RV?

Florida Caverns State Park is more than just a cave system. It’s also home to other amenities in Florida’s panhandle that make it the perfect place to visit with a family on an RV vacation. Plus, nearby Marianna is a quaint, historic town that’s ideal for a day’s worth of exploring with its own Marianna, Florida RV rentals.

The Caverns

The Florida Caverns—the state’s only air-filled caves accessible to the public—are a sight to see. Not only will the cool caves be a reprieve from the warm Florida air, they’ll also offer a unique sight and experience.

Guided tours are available of the caverns; park rangers walk you through the large, LED-lit caves and explain how they were formed and point out formations like stalactites, stalagmites, and flow stones. You can walk through the cave and enjoy its splendor, learn a little something, and then enjoy a walk through the hardwood forest on your way back to your campground.

The tour lasts between 45 minutes to an hour and it’s first-come first-served until the group fills up at 25 people. 

Canoeing and Kayaking

The Chipola River runs through the park and is a great spot for kayaking and canoeing. Don’t have your own? The park rents out both for your enjoyment. This is a great opportunity to see lots of wildlife, including egrets and herons, beavers and snakes. Of course, this is Florida, and you may also see an alligator—and for that reason there’s no swimming in the river.

If you’re craving a swim, there’s the Blue Hole— an area where a river vent rises and creates a clear, blue area perfect for a relaxing dip.    


Florida’s partially known for its golf courses. Florida Caverns has its own course: the Florida Caverns Golf Course. It’s a nine-hole course at the east end of the park, and, yes, it’s all above ground. If you’ve got people in your group who are of different skill levels, this course has four different tee sets to level the playing field a bit.

Horseback Riding

If you’re an equestrian enthusiast, you’ll love Florida Caverns State Park even more. While you can’t rent a horse through the park, if you’re traveling with yours there are stables to make them comfortable.

Throughout the park there are two horse trails totaling six miles around the Chipola River. On the trails, you’ll see floodplains, sinkholes, rivers, and karst topography—rocky formations that have dissolved over eons. 


Fishing at Florida Caverns is great fun, even if you’re a novice. Near the Blue Hole, there’s a boat ramp into the Chipola River. This is freshwater fishing, but near the ramp there’s a river sink that measures upwards of 90 feet deep. There, and the surrounding area, are great for fishing.

These are just some of the fish you may catch while fishing at Florida Caverns State Park:

  • Catfish
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Sunfish like bluegill and crappie


Campgrounds and RV Parks for Florida Caverns State Park

Camping inside Florida Caverns gives you plenty of access to some of the fun parts of the area without needing to leave at the end of the day. But if you can’t get in there, there are several more campgrounds surrounding it that offer many other amenities that you may not even find in the park itself.

Florida Caverns State Park Campground

Florida Caverns State Park has 38 total campsites including some Good Sam parks in Florida, many of which include hookups for those of you renting an RV.

Of these sites, 32 are in the Blue Hole camping area, which is a close walk or bike ride over to the Blue Hole swimming area and river. These sites have 30/50-amp electricity hookups, water, sewer, a picnic table, a grill and a fire ring. It’s worth noting, there is a 32-foot maximum RV length in this area so if the RV you’re renting exceeds this length, you will want to find another campground at which to stay.

If you’re traveling with horses, there are three standard sites (like the above) near the stables, plus an additional three primitive sites.

There are a lot of reasons to stay inside the park, including access to the following:

  • A short walk or bike ride from the Blue Hole day-use area
  • Access to multi-use trails
  • Swimming in the Blue Hole
  • Restrooms and shower facilities
  • Camping near florida caverns state park

Reservations can be made for this park through Reserve America. And, as always, reservations are always encouraged (if not required).  

Florida Caverns RV Resort at Merritt's Mill Pond

Located just southeast of Florida Caverns State Park on Interstate 10 and Highway 90 is the Florida Caverns RV Resort at Merritt’s Mill Pond. The pond is a long, slim body of water that’s a wonderful amenity to anyone staying inside the resort. The crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, and more. The resort itself has full RV hookups and pull-through sites, plus a lot of luxurious amenities you’ll enjoy in your rental RV.

Hitchinpost Corral & Campground RV Park

Located just 20 minutes west of the park on Interstate 10, you can saddle your rented RV up to the Hitchinpost Corral and enjoy a nice stay. Located on a private lake (with two more ponds) for fishing and paddle boarding, there are lots of fun recreational activities to enjoy. There is a total of 24 full hookup sites that are pull-through. They also offer discounts for seniors, veterans, and first responders.

Alliance Hill RV Resort

South of the park is Alliance Hill RV Resort. This is a “retirement community,” meaning they request everyone be older than 50 years old to stay in the park. It’s nestled in 60 acres of pine forest and offers full hookup, pull-through sites. Also, in the resort is a swimming pool, community center, laundry facilities, hot showers, and a dog park.

Stay N Go RV Resort

Fifteen miles south of the park you’ll find Stay N Go RV Park. As one of the newest parks in the area, you can expect to find spacious, clean spots with easy access in and out. New amenities are being added, but for now you can get full hookups and Wi-Fi access during your day.

Places to Eat Near Florida Caverns State Park, Florida

While eating inside the park isn’t much of an option, there are many restaurants in Marianna. It’s a small town, but you’ll find chains and local places alike to satisfy anyone’s cravings. It’s also a good idea (and may save money) to grocery shop either before you come or after you get to the park. That way you can plan your own meals and enjoy what you know you’ll like.

Dining in Florida Caverns State Park

There aren’t any proper restaurants or dining establishments inside Florida Caverns State Park. A concession area sits below the gift shop and sells refreshments and snacks. This is all the more reason to bring some groceries along with you and take advantage of your rental RV’s kitchen, plus the grill and fire ring at the campsite.

Dining outside of Florida Caverns State Park

Marianna has a number of restaurants—most right off of Interstate 90. There are several pizza and steakhouses, as well as buffets, bakeries, and bar/grille types. You can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a baked good in the morning, and then enjoy a nice long hike. If you’re in a hurry and need something fast, many fast food restaurants are also in the same area.

Marianna is a nice town with good food, and even if you’re not eating there every night you can enjoy one night out on the town. Learn more about the city and be ready to have an enjoyable and worry-free vacation.

No matter where you stay, the adventure and splendor of Florida Caverns State Park is a great way to add some wonder to your RV trip as is.