Owner Profile: Steve & Melissa's Adventure RV Rentals​​

A call to adventure.

Back to their roots.

The couple behind Steve & Melissa's Adventure RV Rentals both grew up camping and connecting over a shared love of outdoor experiences. When the pandemic hit, they decided to get back to their roots. “We decided that camping was something we needed to get back into,” they said, “and [we] decided to buy our first travel trailer together.” Since then, they’ve been sharing their passion with customers looking for their own sense of adventure.

Crafting a successful business

Over the past few years, Steve & Melissa's Adventure RV Rentals has been able to build up a respectable business. “We currently have 4 RV’s that we rent out,” they shared.

And as they continue to grow, the focus has been and remains to be creating a quality customer experience. “I want our renters to have the best possible experience that allows them to relax and enjoy their time outdoors.”

They mentioned how it starts with quality communication. “I strive to be as available as possible for them…I want them to know that I am just as invested in their rental as they are, and I want everything to go smoothly.”

Lessons learned

For Steve & Melissa's Adventure RV Rentals, one of the biggest lessons learned has been the timing of the business. “For our area, people start looking to rent in March and usually go through October (depending on the weather),” they said. “Our busiest months are June, July and August.”

They also made a point to mention that there’s a lot of opportunity when you count potential customers without a proper vehicle for towing, sharing that there are a lot of people who want to rent an RV without a truck. For this reason, they offer delivery of our trailers, as well as the ability for renters to pick up trailers themselves.

Why Good Sam RV Rentals? 

For Steve & Melissa's Adventure RV Rentals, it was just meant to be. “[We] found Good Sam RV Rentals through the internet,” they shared. “I had listed my RV’s for rent on other sites…[but] Good Sam’s commission rate was so much lower.” 

The real takeaway was how Good Sam gave their business back to them. “It allowed us to keep more money in our pockets, which is a good thing.”

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