Owner Profile: A5Z RV Rentals

A5Z RV Rentals turned their love for family RVing into a successful fleet rental business

RV Fleet Renters

Fleet owners maintain and rent multiple RVs to earn a profit instead of renting a single RV. For A5Z RV Rentals, that means maintaining and renting a fleet of four RVs and operating year-round, including delivery. 

Operational now for over a year, AZ5's fleet consists of a small and a large trailer, a Class C motorhome, and a Class A motorhome, offering a full array of RVing experiences to meet the needs of their customers. But they didn’t start with such a large operation.

From Campers to Multi-RV Owners

The business gets its name from the Zalev family of five — Alex, Alina, and their three children — and all their names begin with “A.”  Hence, A5Z RV Rentals. And their story starts with a love of family camping.

From tent camping to using a travel trailer and, finally, to owning Class C and Class A motorhomes, the Zalev family upgraded their camping setup as their family grew. “When we got pregnant with our third, we knew that glamping was the only way we would go places every weekend.

They got the idea of renting while traveling. “We would get asked so often, ‘Do you rent?’ And finally, we said ‘Yes!’”

What They've Learned

“Our first rental was a delivery of our small trailer to a camping site. We were very nervous.  Halfway down our driveway, we realized we had forgotten some items and had to run back.” They then met the renters at the campsite office, who watched them complete the setup of their trailer. 

Their advice to owners new to renting? Prepare ahead of time and research your client’s site ahead of their arrival. “This way, everything is set up when they arrive, and nobody is watching you, and everyone is happy,” they said. 

They’ve learned a lot about operating a successful business in a short amount of time. One of the most important lessons has been rates: they vary significantly across different locations, and staying firm on your price is imperative. When [setting] your rates, make sure you understand how much others are charging in your area, and don’t back down from what you decide.

“It’s okay to admit to yourself and clients that glamping isn’t cheap. It’s a luxury activity,” A5Z said. “People will try to negotiate your rates, [but] please don’t cave in. You paid a lot for your unit and are providing a service. Nobody would consider negotiating a rate for a hotel room. Why are they negotiating with you?”

Why Good Sam RV Rentals? 

“We’re Good Sam Members and love the perks of our Membership,” they said. “We also love the fact that Good Sam RV Rentals has the lowest fee for the owners when compared to other platforms.” And for A5Z, it comes down to customer attention: “The personal service can’t be beat.”

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