Owner Profile: B&W RV Rentals

Meaningful experiences.

A veteran in the space

As an Army veteran with extensive experience working with RVs and campers, B&W decided to branch out and start their own business. They’ve loved traveling with their three boys and want to help others create similar memories in an RV.

Crafting a successful business

B&W has certainly made an investment in its inventory. They told us that they “have 8 RVs and 3 campers,” with a year-round operation. They’ve even branched off into one-way rentals, stating that they “do offer delivery, but most of [their] customers come to pick up for themselves.”

They also shared that they’ve been able to capitalize on event-driven experiences, specifically that they “love festival season” and that they try to “set a customized RV experience to suit each festival’s needs.”

Lessons learned

For the last 4 years, B&W has built a business around trust and clear communication. “Be upfront with customers on pricing and what the process is for any relevant scenario,” they said. “I do not like surprising customers, [so] I make sure they are aware of all costs and costs that can be incurred on the rental return.”

Why Good Sam RV Rentals? 

For B&W, Good Sam was a no-brainer, sharing that he started renting with us as soon as he heard it existed. “Good Sam has always delivered us big savings, and is a must-have in our household,” he said. “As always, they didn’t disappoint. We’ve used every RV platform and you won’t find this kind of profit anywhere else.”

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