Owner Profile: Dove & Owl Cozy Camping Van Experiences ​​

For the love of adventure.

A new engagement

Taylor and Patty met later in life but wasted no time creating memories through shared adventures on the road. They were engaged just before the pandemic and have spent the last few years creating memorable rental experiences and exploring new places.

A whole new vision

One 4th of July weekend a few years ago, Taylor and Patty were visiting a friend in Cape Cod but couldn’t find any accommodations. “There literally wasn’t anything available within an hour’s drive,” Patty shared. “With research in overdrive, Taylor found a campervan available to rent [just a few hours north].”

Patty had been an avid camper growing up, and even though Taylor appreciates a nice hotel, they found a campervan to be “the best of both worlds.” Taylor shared how after learning about the rental process from the owner, “the four-hour drive home was filled with contemplation, strategizing, and ultimately, the birth of Dove & Owl.”

“[We] quickly joined the campervan community,” he shared. They found how much they enjoyed getting away and leaving the city behind for “peaceful and majestic spaces,” and they now have a passion for providing the same service and joy to “like-minded vacationers.”

Lessons learned

“Marketing is key,” Taylor shared. “Having inviting photos and great reviews are critical…our goal is to create a bed and breakfast or New England Inn type of feel in the campervan,” which means putting their best foot forward and advertising accordingly.

Taylor and Patty consider the service they’re offering similar to other overnight options in the area and make it a point to live up to the same experience. “Our first renter was a dream,” Patty shared. “He [also] had a campervan and offered helpful tips…looking back, we made things more complicated than they needed to be, [but learned] to keep it simple and enjoyable.” With that approach, they’ve certainly found success.

Why Good Sam RV Rentals? 

Taylor and Patty use Good Sam because of the community that comes with it. They shared how much they value the membership access to the Good Sam family, campgrounds, and Camping World Centers.

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