Gabriel Venegas
Gabriel Venegas
Gabriel Venegas
Joined July 2021
RV Rentals Loma del Sol was born from a dream of ours to live an adventure in a mobile home. Two Colombians convinced that dreams can be achieved, that we were born to be happy and that family comes first.

Santi is passionate about motorcycles and Jenny is a travel and nature lover.

"We are convinced that the greatest legacy that we can leave our daughter is to focus on living each day to the fullest and enjoying the here and now, the important thing is not to do anything to live, the important thing is to feel passion and love for life".

And so RV Rentals Loma del Sol was born, from a dream come true and the goal of giving many other people the chance to live adventures, to enjoy nature (without sacrificing comfort), to get out of the routine and to infect them with a little of our adventurous world.

We love our work, that's why we strive to be the best!


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