Guide to White Lake State Park, New Hampshire

Everything the RV Renter Needs to Know

White Lake State Park is one of those quaint, idyllic places that everyone nearby seems to know and love—and for good reason. It’s situated quite close to both Portland, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts, so it becomes a very popular getaway in the summer for city families looking for fun outdoors in nature.

White Lake is a glacial lake, formed thousands of years ago. While objectively not a large lake, it is more than 900 acres and offers provides plenty of recreational activities. Camping near White Lake State Park also gives you fast access to nearby cities with great museums and other exciting opportunities, making it a perfect spot to either spend your vacation, or a great stop for a few nights on your road trip.

Why Visit White Lake State Park in Your Rented RV?

As a popular spot in New England—and a favorite swimming hole for many—a trip to White Lake State Park in your rental RV is sure to be a family favorite. Fishing, swimming, and hiking trails are all popular activities, and you’ll no doubt find plenty of fun things to enjoy while you’re camping here. Add in the gorgeous pitch pine forest that surrounds the lake, and you’ve got sights you’ll remember long after your trip has ended


White Lake State Park is thought to have some of the best swimming in the area. It’s one of the reasons why so many people from nearby Concord, Portland, and even Boston come to the area to enjoy the outdoors. The beautiful, clear waters make it ideal for swimming, and the pines that surround the lake provide a scenic backdrop.  

The lake is only open to boats with electric motors at trolling speed, making it safe and enjoyable for swimmers. Peak season comes in around May and it does get busy; if you’re planning to stay in the area, you’ll want to make reservations to get as close to the water as you want.


The crystal-clear water in the glacial White Lake has become a haven for local fishing. It’s particularly known for its trout fishing, but there are several species that are regularly caught in the lake.

The lake has restrictions on motor use in boats, so while you can take an aluminum boat into the water, you can only use an electric trolling motor. Otherwise, fishing from kayaks or canoes is a great option—especially as you can rent them on site.

Some of the fish you can expect to catch in the lake include:

  • Brook trout
  • Brown bullhead
  • Chain pickerel
  • Yellow perch

Canoeing and Kayaking

The lake allows boats of many sizes on the water, but it does have restrictions about motor use. To keep the waters calm and idyllic, you can only move at a trolling speed. This is the best way to enjoy the lake. Simply boat out and let the gentle waves move you around and take in the scenery of the Pine Pitch Stand around you.

The state park rents kayaks, canoes, and rowboats on site. Enjoy paddling and be sure to be respectful of swimmers, as the area can get quite busy during peak times.

Pine Pitch Stand

Near the park is the White Lake Pitch Pine stand. It’s 80 acres worth of mature pitch pine trees and bear oaks. This is a designated National Natural Landmark, making it an obvious place to spend a day in the woods.

A walking trail connects it to the lake and campground areas, and inside the forest are paths for easy hiking. These trees grow straight and tall with the ability to grow to 20 inches in diameter. Enjoy this old-growth forest and keep your eyes up for various species of bird that call this area home.

Wildlife Viewing

The wildlife viewing at White Lake State Park is fun, especially bird watching. The park maintains a footpath around the lake, and it’s the ideal spot for a nice wildlife walk. The area is home to several varieties of wildlife, including mammals, aquatic life, and birds.

As always, if you come across wildlife, be respectful and don’t approach. Wild animals—even if they’re something commonly viewed as dangerous—are usually more afraid of you than you are of them. Take pictures from a safe distance and let it enjoy its home in peace.  

As you’re walking, keep an eye out for animals like these:

  • Deer
  • Beaver
  • Loons
  • Racoons
  • Bears

Campgrounds and RV Parks for White Lake State Park

The White Lake Campground is popular among visitors, though you’ll still find several other campgrounds surrounding it and in the nearby town. You’re able to pick the kind of RV adventure you’re looking for in your rental. Some areas will offer more amenities than others. If you’d prefer to stay right by the lake, a spot inside the park is ideal for you. Other campsites will be more “comfortable” in regard to what they offer their guests.

White Lake State Park Campground

The White Lake State Park Campground is located in the Pitch Pine Stand, offering campers plenty of canopy and cover. There’s also something really nice about listening to the wind sway the tall trees and walking among a bed of pine needles. In the campground, you’ll be “dry camping,” which means camping without hookups. While there are electric options and water stations, you’re not able to hook these up to your RV. Consider this like “roughing it.” You’ll rely on the water in your tank, plus a generator for power. You should also consider reserving your spot, as it has a tendency to fill up fast.

Chocorua KOA

Kampgrounds of America (or KOA) has a great reputation among RVers, and Chocorua is no exception. Located right in Tamworth, it’s a great alternative to staying inside the park and has more RV-friendly amenities than you might find at other campsites inside the park. There are both regular and super sites, which include a gas grill, wood deck, fireplace, and patio furniture. The camp store serves pizza and coffee, and you can expect full hookups, plus Wi-Fi and a private fishing pond. 

Danforth Bay RV Resort

Located just down the road in Freedom, New Hampshire, Danforth Bay RV Resort is set up for you and your family to make maximum use of your RV. It’s a genuine resort, so you’ll find a host of amenities for you to enjoy while you’re there. Of course, there are full hookups and Wi-Fi available, but you’ll also find ball courts, fishing, showers, laundry facilities, four playgrounds, two beaches, and even more.

The Bluffs RV Resort

A little further up the road—in Freedom—is The Bluffs RV Resort. The Bluffs is ideally suited toward the 50-and-older crowd, so if you’re traveling with youngsters, this may not be the place. Otherwise, you’ll enjoy full RV hookups, as well as access to the Clubhouse—a 10,000 square foot space with a fitness center, fireplace lounge, and two heated saltwater pools. There’s also fishing, kayaking, and canoeing on Huckins Pond. 

Riverbend Campground

Riverbend Campground, just a mere 10 minutes from White Lake State Park, bills itself as perfect for campers looking for active days and campfire nights. You can enjoy plenty of hiking and kayaking on Lake Winnipesaukee right from your campsite. There are full utility hookups, Wi-Fi available throughout the park, and each site includes a fire pit. There’s also a fully stocked bathhouse on site with free hot showers.

Places to Eat Near White Lake State Park, New Hampshire

Located just off New Hampshire Route 16, you’ll find plenty of good dining options around White Lake State Park. The area is popular with vacationers from more urban areas, so restaurants will be plentiful. It’s always a good idea (and saves money) to load up your RV’s refrigerator with food and plan on a few meals at the campsite, as well.

Dining at White Lake State Park

There are no restaurants inside White Lake State Park, though the camp store may have some snacks stocked. Plan on making use of your rental RVs kitchen. You can either bring your kitchen stocked with goods or load up in nearby Tamworth. Most of the campsites include a fire pit, so have a look for some delicious campfire meals you can prepare and really take advantage of the outdoors.

Dining outside of White Lake State Park

In nearby Tamworth, as well as a few other towns within 15 minutes of the park, you’ll find a wealth of good restaurants ranging from family-friendly pizza joints and diners serving up everything from breakfast and lunch to seafood joints, barbecue, and even breweries that serve grub. And don’t skip on dessert, because you’ll find ice cream and sweet shops along the way as well.

Tamworth and its surrounding areas are quaint and idyllic, and there’s plenty of fun to be had in the area, as well as delicious food. A simple cruise along New Hampshire Route 16 will open up a ton of options to you, so simply keep an eye out and get ready to enjoy a good meal.

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