Owner Profile: Rusty’s RVs

The business of curating memorable adventures.

Financing a dream

Years ago Rusty fell in love with the freedom and flexibility of the open road. Over the last four years, he’s been able to quit his job, build a fleet of five RV rentals, and live off the income.

Rusty wants customers to share in the joy that he’s found. Stating, “It’s important to me that my clients have fun! That’s what it is all about – the family, the vacation, and the beautiful destination.” He’s in the business of helping them make memories they will talk about “for the rest of their lives.”

The spirit of a vagabond

Thirty years ago, Rusty discovered his sense of adventure, thumbing his way across the country and discovering the joy of the open road. Somewhere along the way, he dreamed of augmenting the experience.

“As I sat in the back seat of many junky cars en route to some crazy outdoor festival, I dreamed of how nice it would be to be cruising down the highway in comfort and style in an RV,” he said. “I guess that part of me never faded.”

After years of working and saving for a dream, Rusty purchased his first motorhome in 2019 — a fifth wheel — and quickly identified a business opportunity through peer-to-peer rentals.

So over the next few years, he expanded his fleet with four additional motorhomes and has been able to support himself entirely off of his rentals ever since. “I love the freedom it affords me,” he shared. “I have the most precious commodity of all — time. Time for my family, my friends, vacations, and hobbies.”

Lessons learned

Rusty’s believes in a “roll up your sleeves” philosophy, saying, “You need to be a good hands-on kind of person.” It really helps to have some handy skills and know your way around basic repairs and troubleshooting, he advises. 

For new business owners, he suggests not becoming “emotionally attached to your RVs,” as they are business assets. “They will take wear and tear damage as you grow the business.” It also helps to hire a few dependable teammates as a “steady cleaning crew that you can count on” or a “good RV mobile mechanic for the needed servicing.”

In terms of helping your rentals stand out, Rusty emphasizes the importance of having great interior pictures to serve as a compelling advertisement that sets you apart from the rest.

Finally, he stressed the importance of doing your homework and knowing how much to charge for a fair and competitive rate. “Your price must be competitive,” he said, “[and] at the same time stay firm in your pricing structure.” He’s found that demand will match a reasonably priced rental. “Trust me, someone else will come along and rent your RV for the price you need to stay solvent.”

Why Good Sam RV Rentals? 

“[I’m] confident that Good Sam insurance will protect and cover [my] assets in the unlikely event of damage,” he said. He also feels supported: “Good Sam is a trusted name in the RV industry,” Rusty said. “I feel safe and protected as an RV owner.”

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