Frequently Asked Questions

Cost of Renting an RV

How much does a rental cost?

Owners determine rates for their rental. Factors that might determine rate include type of RV, duration, amenities, location, or delivery options. Rates are subject to change by the owner, and some will increase or decrease rates based on demand. You are required to choose from one of three insurance packages as well, which will be charged by the day.

Additionally, Good Sam RV Rentals charges a booking fee for your reservation. The fee is 5% and is charged on the daily rate, delivery fee, and any add-ons you may choose for your trip. All fees, including taxes and insurance, will be clearly itemized before you confirm your booking request.

When is payment due for my booking?

If you are booking a rental within 30 days of the start of your trip, 100% of your trip total is due at checkout. If you are booking a rental outside of 30 days of its start, 50% of the total is due at checkout and the other 50% will be automatically deducted 30 days before your rental begins.

The security deposit will be captured 2 days prior to the start of your trip.

Booking an RV

How do I book an RV rental?

All listings are available online. You can search through listings with a variety of different search criteria including location or type of RV. Once you have found a listing that may work for your trip, check the calendar for that RV to see what days are open for rental. You can message the owner before booking or continue with the booking process. You can select your insurance package and delivery options from the booking box.

How do I qualify to rent an RV?

We want to ensure rentals are safe for everyone. After completing the required information to book a rental, you will be prompted to complete the verification process. A driving background check is required from all renters, and they must be at least 25 years old and possess a valid driver's license. Renters must be verified in order for the reservation to be confirmed. RV owners have the final authority on who rents their equipment. 

Can someone visiting the United States rent an RV?

Currently, only U.S. drivers with a valid license can rent through the Good Sam RV Rentals platform. We are working to update these terms in the near future.

Where can I rent an RV?

RVs can be rented in any U.S. state, excluding New York.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of rental days?

Yes, our standard minimum is a 2-day rental (though owners may choose to set this minimum higher) with a maximum of 30 days per rental.  If you are interested in a rental for longer than 30 days, please contact us at [email protected].

How can I tell if my vehicle is able to tow a camper I want to rent?

Please visit this Camping World Towing Guide to learn more about the capacity of your tow vehicle. Note that towing capacity can vary greatly depending on the options and trim level of your particular vehicle.

This tutorial will help you understand some of the basics of towing, trailer types, and hitches.

Be sure to check with the owner of the towable RV for more specifics if you have any questions. You'll need to ensure that your vehicle has the properly rated hitch receiver. Many times, the owner can supply the hitch insert, ball, and other equipment you may need, but it's best to communicate directly with the RV's owner to check these details in advance of your trip.

Rental Details

What is the process I go through with the owner when I am picking up their RV and returning it?

Before and after your trip, you will do a walkthrough with the owner. During this walkthrough, the owner will show you the operation of the RV systems, document any damage, note the fuel levels and mileage, help you hook it up to your tow vehicle (if applicable) and answer any questions you may have about the unit.  


You and the owner will complete an inspection and walkthrough form together. We recommend printing these Good Sam RV Rental Forms to bring with you, so you have your own copy. Both of you are required to sign off on the information reported. We recommend that you take pictures of the RV before and after your trip.  

Are rentals delivered to a destination of my choice?

In the listing details, owners will specify if delivery is an option for their rental. An additional cost per mile is included with the option—determined by the owner—and we recommend discussing delivery details prior to booking. This might include how far owners are willing to go to deliver a rental and when the RV would need to be delivered.

How does insurance work as a renter?

Renters are required to pick from one of three insurance options with varying costs. These policies cover physical damage to the rented RV due to covered accidents, along with liability protection. Coverage limits and deductibles vary depending on which package you choose as renter. These details and prices will be clearly presented during the booking process, before you commit to a rental. Interior damage to an RV during a rental period will be covered by the security deposit and any overages are the responsibility of the renter. Normal wear and tear, maintenance, personal affects, or mechanical issues are excluded.

If you want to verify what coverage your personal insurance may cover on a rental, please check with your insurance agent or carrier. If you have additional questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Will my personal car or homeowner's policy cover me if I have an accident with an RV rental?

Consult with your personal insurance agent regarding the conditions of your personal insurance policies. However, this may not be necessary because you will be required to choose from one of three available levels of coverage on the Good Sam RV Rentals platform that will be primary during a rental period.

If something breaks during the rental but I don’t think it was my fault but rather the result of poor maintenance of the RV, what kind of recourse do I have? Do I still need to pay the deductible?

We recommend a thorough walkthrough of the RV and its operation prior to departure. Be sure to use our trip inspection form to note any issues found. It is the RV owner's responsibility to confirm that the RV is properly maintained. If you are not confident in the condition of the RV upon pickup, you do have the right to cancel a trip. If damage occurs, a determination will be made by the insurance carrier based on specific circumstance of the claim.

Where can I take my rental?

Good Sam campgrounds and parks are great places for renters to test out and explore the RV lifestyle. State parks and developed campgrounds are perfect for RV adventures as well. Reach out to the owners for recommendations on local campgrounds if you’re not sure where to go. 

Owners can restrict their RV from certain actions: attending festivals or tailgating events. These will be noted on the RV listing. Owners also have final say about where their RV goes, so they may choose to restrict how far you can travel or where you can travel to. Be sure to ask upfront if they have any travel restrictions.

Can I drive a rental into Canada or Mexico?

You can drive your rental into Canada, but the trip must originate in the U.S. and the rental vehicle must be registered in the United States.

Can I tow my vehicle behind a rented RV?

No, renters may not tow their vehicle or any other item behind a rented RV.

Can I smoke in a rented RV?

Smoking or vaping is not permitted in rented vehicles on Good Sam RV Rentals.

What happens if I cancel my reservation?

We know the unexpected occurs; we want to provide renters and owners alternatives in the event you have to cancel. Check out our Cancellation Policy for details. The sooner you can inform owners about a cancellation, the better.

What happens if the owner cancels?

We hope you never experience a situation like this. If an owner has to cancel for any reason following a reservation, a full refund will be issued to the renter.

Who should I contact if I have problems?

Contact [email protected] with any questions or problems, and we’ll be glad to help get these addressed as quickly as possible.

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